Tips For Overcoming The New Country Transition After An International Move


If you're moving overseas, it's important to be as proactive as possible about your preparations. The better prepared you are for the move, the easier the transition is likely to be. One thing that many people overlook is the adjustment period that comes with such a major change. While the initial adjustment can be significant, it doesn't have to be overwhelming. Here are some tips to help you make the transition easier so that you can feel at home in your new country sooner.

Make It Feel Like Home

One of the first steps toward settling in to your new place is to make it feel like home for you. Spend your first day in the new place setting up some of the things that really make it home, whether that's favorite pictures, your comforter or any other sentimental items. The more it feels like your space, the easier it will be to feel comfortable there.

If you weren't able to bring a lot of your personal stuff with you, look for a home decor shop in your new city and buy some local decorations that resemble what you had in the past. Even if you did bring your stuff from home, adding some of the things from your new country can help you to fuse your past with your new adventure.

Remember that your new home is going to be your sanctuary in this new country. After spending your days navigating the new environment, this is where you'll come to relax and be more at ease. Make sure that it is comforting to you by focusing on the areas that you'll use most first. If you like to cook at home, make sure your kitchen is well stocked and organized right away. For those who like to curl up after work with a video or a good book, set up a relaxing space in the living room. Once that area is complete, work your way through the rest of the house.

Explore Your Immediate Neighborhood

You're not going to really feel at home until you've learned your way around the neighborhood. When you move into another country, that can be challenging because most of the signs are going to be in the local language, not yours. Take some time to wander the neighborhood and see where all of the popular destinations are, including the grocery stores, cafes and other areas. Grocery stores are likely to be different overseas, especially if you have small neighborhood markets instead of large supermarkets. Visiting these small grocers even gives you the chance to ask questions about some of the local foods. You may be surprised at some of the new foods you can experience this way!

Get Involved In Local Events

The more active you are in your local area, the faster you're likely to settle in and make friends. Look for things like local clubs, meet-up groups, sports and other hobby gatherings. You can also sign up for classes at a local educational center. Accomplish two goals at once by taking classes on the local language. You'll improve your communication skills and have the opportunity to meet with others from the surrounding area.

You might also want to consider volunteering for a local charity or support service. Volunteer positions are usually easy to find if you ask around at the local neighborhood destinations. By volunteering for local food services, schools, community centers or other facilities, you'll become a contributing member of the community and have the chance to build some new relationships.

With these tips, you'll be able to settle in to your new country more easily. Work with an international relocation company to help you get everything from your current home to the new country, because the movers will be experienced with the customs declarations and international transportation. You can find an international relocation company by visiting a site like Talk with your local mover about other tips to help you adjust to your new home.


20 May 2016

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