Moving? 5 Transport Options For Your On- And Off-Road Vehicles


Are you moving long distance? A big move adds complexity to the entire process, including what to do with your own vehicles. Most households have at least one car, but many have multiple vehicles of various sizes, off-road vehicles, RVs, or even boats. What can you do with all these vehicles during the trip? Here are a few options to consider.

1. Load Smaller Vehicles. You may be able to load some of those smaller vehicles, such as quads and motorcycles, onto a moving truck with the rest of your stuff. Check with the moving company before assuming this, of course. They may ask you to prepare the vehicle for safe transport by removing fuel and other liquids. You must also factor in the extra space needed. 

2. Tow Behind the Truck. One of the most cost-effective ways to transport small and medium-size vehicles is to tow them behind the moving truck. This saves wear and tear on vehicles and keeps everything handy and compact. However, you may have to drive a rented moving truck to use this option. The good news is that you can still hire a moving company to pack, load, unload, and even unpack your stuff on both ends. 

3. Ship the Vehicles. Ask the moving company if they offer vehicle shipping services as well. Dedicated car carriers, trailers, and oversize tow equipment can get vehicles of any size from one place to another without road wear. It's generally more expensive than driving, depending on the vehicle, but you may get a deal if you can bundle the service with your moving company. 

4. Drive Some Vehicles. Many people opt to drive one or more roadworthy cars or trucks to their new home. This means extra effort on your part, but it has some perks. You can keep a carload (or two) of personal items with you so they're handy or personally protected. The vehicle also provides extra packing space if you run out of room. And because you're not tied to the timetable of your moving truck, you can make the trip more fun with other stops. 

5. Sell Some Vehicles. Should you skip the transport entirely and sell any of the vehicles before the move? This isn't the go-to option for many, but a move is a good time to reassess the value of some items and their condition. Are they worth paying for shipping or spending the extra money and time to drive yourself? Will you use them regularly in your new home? Don't overlook the value of reducing your moving load with a quick sale.

Where to Start

Begin by learning more about your options for the vehicles you own. Talk with a moving company in your area today. No matter what choice you make, they'll help you craft the most successful moving day possible. 


29 June 2022

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