3 Reasons A Storage Unit Can Be A Lifesaver For A Struggling Artist


You spend your time crafting masterpieces on canvas that nurture your passion for creativity, but if you are like most artists, this passion brings you little income. You may think of things you can do to actually capitalize on your craft, but even some of the things you can do as an artist to make money will cost you money to start with. There is one thing you can do as a struggling artist that you may never consider: renting a storage unit. This may sound a little offbeat or even a little strange, but there are three reasons a storage unit can be a lifesaver for a starving artist.

Invest in a storage unit where you can spend most of your time.

Most storage facilities will not allow a person to actually live inside a unit, but you can spend a fair amount of time inside, which means this space is ideal for working on your projects in total privacy. If your current financial situation has you struggling to even find a place to set up your crafting supplies to create works of art, try renting a storage unit for  a month or two and you can have your own art studio to go to as the creative mood strikes.

Rent a commercial storage unit and host an art show.

Hosting an art show of your pieces, whether they are painting, sculptures, or otherwise is the perfect way to get your name out there. Yet, gallery fees can be outrageous and just getting a reputable gallery to appreciate your work enough to accept your work for a showing can be difficult with so many competitors. If you find a commercial storage facility, they often times allow renters to perform small business operations out of a unit, and an art show could easily be one of those endeavors.

Use a storage unit to paint or sculpt live models for extra cash.

Storage units are quiet and private, and many even have heating, air conditioning, and lighting. This makes them ideal for use as an art studio. Post an ad in a local paper that you are doing painted portraits or sculptures for a flat-rate fee and you will probably see the interested queries start rolling in. The best part, renting a storage unit is a lot cheaper than renting other commercial spaces and you will not have to be concerned about long-term leasing commitments.

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12 July 2017

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After my husband lost his job, we started having a hard time paying our bills. We realized that if we wanted to stay afloat, we were going to have to sell our home and move into a much smaller place. Unfortunately, we quickly discovered that our new place wasn't going to fit all of our things, which is where storage units came into play. We rented a large unit to house some of our things, and it made it much more simple. We even learned a few great storage tips to keep our items clean and beautiful during the storage experience. This blog is all about storing your family's treasures.