How To Hire The Right Movers


Moving can be a big life transition and involve a lot of work. Finding a new place to live, enrolling in new schools, and changing addresses can feel like a full time job. Leave the heavy lifting and packing to the professionals. There are different types of moving services like cargo delivery or full-service movers who come and box up your things for you and transport it. Here are some tips to consider while you are trying to book your moving professionals for your upcoming relocation:

Budget and Cost

It is wise to know how much you can afford to spend on these services. If you're moving to take a new job, you can enquire about any relocation benefits. Sometimes they will pay for the moving expenses. Weigh the cost of moving services with your sanity and overall convenience to see if it is right for you. Call the top rated moving and storage businesses in your area to get estimates. For an estimate to be as accurate as possible, it's best to have them come to the home and go over your things. The cost of the move is usually decided by the overall weight that will sit in the back of the moving truck or by using a measurement like cubic yards. Make sure you understand all the potential charges ahead of time, since it may cost more to have them disassemble furniture or bring it down a flight of stairs.

Prep and Cleaning 

Having your stuff cleaned and organized can make a move much easier. If your drawers are crammed and unorganized, movers will transfer the things to boxes, and you have to deal with the mess at your new house. If you take the time to organize and de-clutter now, it makes for a better transition and you will thank yourself later. You don't want to put dirty clothes in boxes, so take it one room at a time and get it done. Moving out of a home entails a lot of cleaning to get it ready for new owners. Consider hiring a house cleaner for after the movers are done with loading the truck.


Taking photos is a crucial step to take before the movers come to pack up your stuff. Mistakes can be made in the process of packing and transporting things to their new location. You need to be sure that you have proof to protect yourself and your belongings just in case something goes wrong.

Choosing the right movers can help save your sanity during this big life transition. Do your research and use these tips to help book your movers so you can start the moving process.


19 July 2019

Storing Your Family's Treasures

After my husband lost his job, we started having a hard time paying our bills. We realized that if we wanted to stay afloat, we were going to have to sell our home and move into a much smaller place. Unfortunately, we quickly discovered that our new place wasn't going to fit all of our things, which is where storage units came into play. We rented a large unit to house some of our things, and it made it much more simple. We even learned a few great storage tips to keep our items clean and beautiful during the storage experience. This blog is all about storing your family's treasures.