Storing Furnishings Due To Eviction: Guidelines To Follow


Facing eviction is never an easy thing. You may be left needing a place to store your things, and a rented storage unit can be the most logical solution. Here are a few guidelines to follow as you search for storage after an eviction. 

Carefully consider pricing first and foremost. 

When you have been evicted, it is likely due to the fact that you are facing some kind of financial hardship. Therefore, finding storage units at a cost you can afford is naturally going to be of concern. You will want to find a unit that you know you can safely afford for the coming months while you regroup and find a new place to live. Remember that some storage facilities will offer a discount if you pay a few months in advance or something similar. If you know you will be without a home for a few months, it is well worth it to pay in advance so you don't have to worry.

Determine which large furniture pieces are worth keeping. 

Determining what you can afford will also help you narrow down your options so you understand what you should keep and what you should eliminate. If you don't quite have the funds now or for the foreseeable future to cover a large unit or multiple units, it is best to weed out what you can live without. Keep in mind that a lot of furniture pieces can be bought back later used as these are the pieces that take up the most space. When determining if a piece is worth keeping and storing, find the floor space of a prospective unit and compare that to the footprint of the furniture piece. If something like a large sofa, for example, takes up half of the floor space, you could be paying as much as half of your storage rental costs toward storing that sofa, so it may be best to get rid of it. 

Think about how your future home is likely to change. 

Will you be downsizing? Is the next home you move into going to have to be smaller and more affordable? These are huge things to consider as you are making plans to store your items. You don't want to pay to store a bunch of stuff that you will likely have to get rid of when you find a new place because you don't have the space to keep it. Think about how your finances have changed or will change and the likelihood of having a home in the future that is the same size. 

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16 April 2020

Storing Your Family's Treasures

After my husband lost his job, we started having a hard time paying our bills. We realized that if we wanted to stay afloat, we were going to have to sell our home and move into a much smaller place. Unfortunately, we quickly discovered that our new place wasn't going to fit all of our things, which is where storage units came into play. We rented a large unit to house some of our things, and it made it much more simple. We even learned a few great storage tips to keep our items clean and beautiful during the storage experience. This blog is all about storing your family's treasures.