Storing Furnishings Due To Eviction: Guidelines To Follow


Facing eviction is never an easy thing. You may be left needing a place to store your things, and a rented storage unit can be the most logical solution. Here are a few guidelines to follow as you search for storage after an eviction.  Carefully consider pricing first and foremost.  When you have been evicted, it is likely due to the fact that you are facing some kind of financial hardship.

16 April 2020

Planning An International Move? How To Avoid Damage To Your Antique Furniture During Shipping


If you're planning an international move, take special care of your antiques. Without special care, your antique furniture could suffer irreparable harm during an international move. The best way to reduce the risk of damage to your antique furniture is to provide special care during the packing. Read the information provided below. This information will help you protect your antique furniture during an international move.  Insist on Climate Control If your antique furniture will be part of your international move, it's important that you take steps to protect against moisture damage.

13 December 2019

How To Hire The Right Movers


Moving can be a big life transition and involve a lot of work. Finding a new place to live, enrolling in new schools, and changing addresses can feel like a full time job. Leave the heavy lifting and packing to the professionals. There are different types of moving services like cargo delivery or full-service movers who come and box up your things for you and transport it. Here are some tips to consider while you are trying to book your moving professionals for your upcoming relocation:

19 July 2019

Three Advantages Of Hiring A Professional Moving Company


Moving can be a long, drawn out process, since it requires you to literally package yourself and your entire life into a series of boxes and transport them to a totally new location to start the next chapter. While exciting, moving also represents a great deal of physical work and preparation, which can be stressful. Fortunately, professional moving companies seek to eliminate some of that stress by aiding you in getting yourself and all of your belongings where they need to go.

21 June 2018

4 RV Storage Tips To Ensure You Are Always Prepared For Trouble-Free Road Trips


For RV owners, storage and maintenance are essential to ensure road trips are repair-free. There is a lot of information about winter storage for an RV, but it is important to take care of your RV any time it is going to be parked. You want to know what needs to be done to keep your RV in tip-top shape and ready for a road trip when you need it. Here are some RV storage tips that will help ensure your RV is well-maintained and ready to go:

8 February 2018

3 Reasons A Storage Unit Can Be A Lifesaver For A Struggling Artist


You spend your time crafting masterpieces on canvas that nurture your passion for creativity, but if you are like most artists, this passion brings you little income. You may think of things you can do to actually capitalize on your craft, but even some of the things you can do as an artist to make money will cost you money to start with. There is one thing you can do as a struggling artist that you may never consider: renting a storage unit.

12 July 2017

What You Need To Know About Transporting Marijuana Plants


The legalization of marijuana in 25 states has solved some problems and created a host of others. One such issue is that it may be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to find a moving company that will transport your medical marijuana plants. Even though it may be legal in your state to grow cannabis for personal use, federal law still outlaws it, and movers generally don't want to risk their employees getting into legal trouble for handling prohibited substances.

15 June 2016